Dishes of the Day


  • Filo pastry with black pudding and applies
  • Small camembert roasted with honey, thyme and tomatoes
  • Chilled poached cod with garlic mayonnaise
  • Starter of the day (see blackboard)

Main courses

  • Belgian meatballs with a sweet game sauce, chips cooked in beef fat
  • Slow cooked leg of duck
  • Marinated pork steak
  • Lamb shank slow cooked with thyme and honey (see blackboard)
  • Fish of the day (see blackboard)

Choice of homemade desserts



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Themed evenings for : sauerkraut, tartiflette, couscous, …

If our dishes don’t tempt you, please let us know what you would like to eat and we will prepare it for you with great pleasure

Reservation advised at least one day in advance

Ingredients are available depending on the time of year and supplier delivery.  Our meats are sourced from France and Denmark.  When ordering, we will be pleased to advise which dishes contain gluten or other allergens.

Our ingredients are sourced from local and established suppliers, known for the quality of their products.